Saudi Arabian Abayas Designs

Saudi Arabian Abayas Designs

Have you ever wondered what is an Abaya? Why do Muslim women wear Abayas, and why Abayas look so beautiful? Wonder no more!

In this blog we will provide information on what is an Abaya, why are Abayas important, and what are the latest Abaya fashion trends at REMALY's Designs.


What is an Abaya?

Abayas in Saudi Arabia and the Islamic culture are an important part of Muslim women’s lives. These traditional attires are a signature of modesty. Being so important in the Saudi Arabian and the gulf region’s culture, Abayas designers started to create new Saudi Arabian abayas designs to deliver beautiful and trendy abayas, yet still chic and comfortable and serving their original purpose. Even blogs made by VOGUE and Harper's BAZAAR Arabia recognized the beauty of abayas, and the opportunities they provide in the fashion industry.

So now you know what is an Abaya, but you may ask yourself: Do I have to wear an abaya in Saudi Arabia? If you are a woman, then YES!

But don't worry! We provide beautiful and colorful Abayas at our Abaya shop that will make you want to wear them all the time! Check them out!


Fall/Winter Abayas in The Sapphire Collection

The Sapphire Collection that REMALY designs creates is the new luxury abayas trend. This luxury abaya trend in the Sapphire Collection has thick jacard fabric with a beautiful warm and shine to them. These luxury abayas come in different color abayas. And each abaya at the Sapphire Collection contains three pieces; including luxury abaya, and matching dress and headscarf. This collection is perfect for winter and fall seasons.


Spring/Summer Abayas in The Classic Collection

The Classic Collection at REMALY designs are light and perfect fit for summer abayas. This collection has a classic abaya look to them yet they are very modern and casual abayas. Being so light and casual, these summer abayas also come in different colors and include other pieces to them. Different to the Sapphire Collection, the Classic Collection contains four pieces; luxury casual abaya, and a matching blouse, pants, and headscarf.
The Classic Orange abaya is REMALY’s signature abaya. This Classic Orange comes in bright and beautiful orange abaya, it is our best selling abaya.


Wether you want to buy thick or light abayas at REMALY’s, both the Sapphire and Classic Collections are casual yet luxury abaya wears and fit to every occasion. We hope that you have a look at our abaya store and sign up to receive offers and updates on our new abaya designs.