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Remaly was founded in 2021 in Saudi Arabia by Najla Abdullah.

She saw a lack of essential modest wear that is fashionable, elegant, and extraordinary.

The brand focuses on providing modest sets that truly covers all parts of the body perfectly, giving you the ease and comfort of moving freely without worrying about clothes being too short or revealing.

Her aim is to create full perfect sets, making sure you don't waste your time trying to mix and match between different fabrics and colors, so you can have the confidence in being dressed up for the right occasion and outing while being modest and unique.

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Our Values

Excellence: Our relentless pursuit of excellence is the cornerstone of everything we do. We fully understand and exceed the needs, wants, and preferences of our clients. We will deliver only what is best for our clients.

Simplicity: We strive to ease our customer’s minds and simplify their shopping experience by creating full essential sets that can be worn together and/or would also be useful to wear with other clothes.

Lasting relationships: we strive to show respect to all of our customers and to create a community where they can express their unique modest wear needs that we can create for them.

Modesty: We believe we can create truly modest pieces that are exceptional, modern, and trendy without forgetting our tradition and religion guidelines.

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